Legal Documentation

Providing notice of your intended marriage Notice of Intention to Marry

1. Notice of Intention to Marry   Click to Open
2. Document outlining the obligations and consequences of marriage and stating the availability of marriage education and counselling,  Click to Open

This form must be received by an Authorised Marriage Celebrant not more than 18 months before the wedding date and no less than 1 calendar month before your wedding.

Download a NOIM form here If you need help completing this form, or you would like me to complete the form with you, please contact me I will provide you with all the necessary paper work to perform your marriage.

You will need your birth certificates or passports (originals) and evidence that any prior marriage has been dissolved by either death or divorce The Certificate of Marriage to be issued to couples (form 15).

A marriage celebrant must issue a prescribed Form 15 marriage certificate to you after your wedding as evidence of your marriage
Your marriage celebrant prepares three certificates of marriage containing the details of your marriage and you and your witnesses will be required to sign all three.
They are:
• the certificate retained by the marriage celebrant for their records;
• the certificate that will be forwarded to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages for the registration of your marriage; and
• the certificate that will be given to you as a record of your marriage.
All Marriage Celebrants are appointed by the Australian Commonwealth Government's Attorney-General's Department and are committed to professionalism and sensitivity in the performance of Marriage Ceremonies and abide by a strict Code of Practice.